and this one i just have to lift from dailykos

They are vehemently against abortion, they resist progressive woman’s rights. They view homosexuality as a crime against nature and God, some advocate the death penalty as an option for it. Separation of Church and State is despised by these folks; they insist the nation is founded on the principles of their religion, and they work hard to bring that de facto theocracy about. They deplore strong language, gay characters, and sexual content on TV and in the media. And they ignore the Geneva Convention when it suits their ideological purposes, including provisions against torture or due process. They’re anti-stem cell research, pro-creationism, and generally distrustful of science. These folks are easily whipped into a state of frenzy with ideological manipulation to the point where they will commit violence, or at least tacitly endorse that violence is acceptable, if it advances their Divine agenda. They then take great pains to justify that violence, including unprovoked attack of civilian areas, under certain conditions, with convoluted theological gymnastics. They are almost to the man pro-death penalty …

Am I railing against the religious right again? Could be, but my target here is actually Al Qaeda and related fundamentalist wahhabism; the source of terrorism, the scourge of our planet, the Axis of Evil. [here]

oh the irony

** * **

originally i only posted this to save the link from falling into the oblivion that is internet archives, but i think there is more to this. as one of my mentors at swarthmore (schuldenfrei) was fond of observing, there appears to be a movement across the globe toward a radically conservative interpretation of traditions, communities, and religion. the appears here is critical – any meaningful accessment would require an exhaustive study of the histories of dozens of cultures, spanning hundreds of years. but since when was this blog, you know, ‘meaningful’? [edit: come to think of it, maybe the value of schuldenfrei’s comments was less their social scientific objectivity than their challenge to our framework of thought]. le pen in france, racial and immigration politics in the netherland, the american fundamentalist movement, hindu nationalists in india,… they’re all certainly similar in their politics and aims, but is there an underlying thread that connects them?

i tend to view them as deracinated ghosts, an attempt to return to a (mythic/fictional) time, without any awarness that the context that animated and gave meaning to whatever truth exists their vision has faded away. the result is a hybrid of the worst prejudices of modern times, added to those of the past; a contemporary movement, responding to current issues through the (rhetorical justification/self-interpreted lens) of tradition. schuldenfrei took this as a rejection of liberal autonomy. to him, the liberal notion of a self-created and self-defined individual is being -violently- rejected. communities are desperate for meaning and order. enough of this pc nonsense. and while they’re at it, we’re none too fond of that descartes guy, throw that out as well.

because they reference a myth of who they were, and claim the sole right to interpret their sacred reference (theological, historical, whatever), any means can be justified, since no one else can judge.

* *** *

the tragedy of it all is that, for all the damage these groups will create, no good can come of it. consumer capitalism eroded the moral fabric of america long before homosexuality became an issue, or the warren court took on civil rights. “france” stopped being “french” before algeria gained independence, and immigrants had nothing to do with it. their path seeks the impossible, and so they’ll lose, of that i’m sure. i just wonder what the by-products will be


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