take your moderate bunk and…

you know, i’m a bit tired of being told how “liberal” i am. the other day i was chatting with a guy who just wouldn’t stop talking about these nonlethal force crowd-control devices developed for cops. i mentioned that i don’t think its worthwhile for our military / police to have crowd techniques that involve shooting pepper spray bullets into crowds. (didn’t we learn after the water cannons?) i don’t want them having the ability to stop crowds without using lethal force, because i never want them to stop a protest without crossing that line, so some blabbering meme on fox can’t claim that this was just what the founders did in shays rebellion and the whiskey rellion. (jerks). he mentions latin america. he says it’d be of great use in iraq. i note this proves my point – i don’t want us led into thinking we have the power to act in those situations – because no advance in nonlethal technology makes those interventions just (or even tenable). i’m told that he’s thinks of himself as on the left, but “you’re really liberal”.


i wanted to punch him. or at least yell out – your little weapons fettish, however disguised it may be, is peverse. being more efficient at controlling and harming people isn’t “progress” on any rational scale. only a profoundly sick human being could think otherwise, even for a second. and while we’re at it, i’m where the center should be, not to the right of creeps like you.

instead, i smiled. some days i doubt my commitment to nonviolence, even as i affirm it.


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