in related news, the world is round

i’m stunned, really.

[update: i can think of a few errors in their methodology that would yield similar results. due to republican states being more segregated and having fewer visible minorities, individuals there – both parties – are more likely to rely on cultural tropes (stereotpyes) since they lack the experience to have their basis of interpretation in experience.]

** * **

anyway, this piece on race and ethnicity in casting is actually quite interesting. this is, after all, the meat of cultural feedback.

the issues, in brief? should writers do a diversity pass, intentionally casting against racist stereotypes? really, does the script become less “Whitey McWhite” if the writer just changes the color of the actor? is the diversity pass absurd and racist because these are simply new stereotypes created out of pity or noblesse oblige?

sorry to play 20 questions, but this is a microcosm of so much that i think about, and… definately a 3-pipe problem

** * ***

[here] makes me happy


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