when did the catholic church become so cool?

it is always a good thing to be surprised:

How are we to interpret the scientific picture of life’s origins in terms of religious belief. Do we need God to explain this? Very succinctly my answer is no. In fact, to need God would be a very denial of God. God is not the response to a need. One gets the impression from certain religious believers that they fondly hope for the durability of certain gaps in our scientific knowledge of evolution, so that they can fill them with God. This is the exact opposite of what human intelligence is all about. We should be seeking for the fullness of God in creation. We should not need God; we should accept her/him when he comes to us.

the whole article is definately worth reading – i can’t remember the last religious leader who made sense of science. i wonder where this will be metabolized?

One Response to “when did the catholic church become so cool?”

  1. tragedy, farce, hangover « falling upstairs Says:

    […] some time ago, i linked to an article by father gregory v coyne (then director of the vatican observatory) arguing that intelligent design actually diminished God to being “too small and paltry”.  it was impressive, well thought out, and led me to reconsider my longstanding dislike of the catholic church. […]

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