pre-washington ideals

so alexander pope thinks i should stop writing a blog. and all of this is about a week after i tried to post it at first. silly me.

juan cole (who i now love reading) notes that there are already laws on the books regarding warrantless searches in war time, and that constitutional avoidance and the expansive executive are bunk.

but don’t talk too loudly, the enemy might have forgotten. and more importantly, you never know who is listening. but don’t worry, we won’t investigate

*** ** ***

most of all, i’m overflowing with comments about the gang that couldn’t shoot straight

(1) dick cheney aaron burr
(2) quails are not republican lawyers
(3) oh my god, i didn’t know the VP had gout. how perfect aristocrat is that?
(4) no – wait, i shouldn’t laugh about this. but is it too early to yell “coverup”?
(5) what the? where did the beer go? story two doesn’t have it, but a screenshot and a google cache do
(6) but lets blame the 78 year old man who got shot in the face and then suffered a heart attack

*** * ***

just in case you’d fogotten, though: corruption, corruption, corrption.

i’m spinning all of this


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