south dakota…

the south dakota legislature has not only decided to outlaw abortion, but also to… well, see for yourself:

abortions terminate the constitutionally protected fundamental interest of the pregnant mother in her relationship with her child and abortions are performed without a truly informed or voluntary consent or knowing waiver of the woman’s rights and interests. The Legislature finds that the state has a duty to protect the pregnant mother’s fundamental interest in her relationship with her unborn child. [here]

i’d like to take a moment to thank these sexists for at least being explicit about their power-grab for the patriarchy. usually media-saavy republicans try to soften their sexism. but this bill outright declares that women are incabable of excercizing choice over reproductive rights, since abortion is inherently coercive. for a society that defines ‘people’ as those having autonomy, this is huge. (another sign: the bill penalizes doctors, not women – women couldn’t commit crimes, after all, that’d require they be ‘people’ first.) the next step: women are fundamentally about babies and motherhood. which is just so upsetting, i don’t know where to start.

but wait, it gets worse…

the legislature apparently decided not to let the citizens of south dakota vote on the measure, presumably because it would fail. however, they are currently accepting donations for the $1 million or so in legal fees they expect. so basically, unless you have tons of money, the south dakota legislature doesn’t care what you think.

and, oh no, the worst is yet to come:

If a woman who is raped becomes pregnant, the rapist would have the same rights to the child as the mother [here]

this, apparently, “delights” the bill’s sponsor, Rep. Roger W. Hunt (shocker: republican), who thinks that exceptions for rape/incest/health would “dilute” the ban.


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