one monkey, one typewritier, and 15 minutes…

could write better than the WaPo today.

*slow clap*. i know its an op-ed in the washington post, but that has to be the poorest excuse for “thought” i’ve read in ages. he made a straw-man argument based on stereotypes and debunked it by citing one of the worst papers in the field, but because it has a fetch title.

does the author want a cookie?

** * **

i can do the same: watch.

republicans are a party of faith and god
democrats are atheists

in montana, faith is not a significant predictor of party affiliation or voting outcomes {cite study because it makes me look smrt/hip. refer to paper as “meterosexual”. comment about author’s shoes. disregard that undergraduates writing the paper would be flunked from an introductory statistics course}

proceed to ignore vast literature on topic. disregard influence of race, education, immigrant status… the leaders of the civil rights movement… accurate journalism just never won a pulitzer

rather than make an interesting point about the psychology of politics (or of the right-wing noise machine, or the historical influence of the heritage foundation)… scapegoat time! convienient target: the media! {ignore irony that this is an op-ed piece}

consult crystal ball. insert vague predictions about 2008


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