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May 26, 2006

does anybody really believe that this:

a small number of marines in western Iraq carried out extensive, unprovoked killings of civilians, Congressional, military and Pentagon officials said Thursday.

is justified by this:

WASHINGTON, May 25 — President Bush and Prime Minister Tony Blair of Britain, two leaders badly weakened by the continuing violence in Iraq, acknowledged major misjudgments in the execution of the Iraq war on Thursday night even while insisting that the election of a constitutional government in Baghdad justified their decision to go to war three years ago.

i’m also willing to bet that the fact that our troops are overstretched, overworked, and underequipped can’t help.


A Dilittante’s History of The United States

May 23, 2006

but i didn’t have to learn that in high school!

tinkerbell epistemology

May 18, 2006

browsing through the facebook (like you do, on mornings at work), and i came across this on the frontpage:

Do your part to prevent global warming, pledge to see THE TRUTH this summer in the An Inconvenient Truth group.

*clap harder*

first, great movie. go see it. the reviews suggest its both entertaining and informative. but the consequences? i guess its standard, in an age where everything is the best thing ever, but its tiring, to filter out most of what people say, as complete garbage. and it certainly plays into the model that we can consume, to obtain whatever we want. (all things new and easy.)

thank goodness for my major…

May 15, 2006

moral dilemmas

so much for polite…

May 15, 2006

chris clarke has written a nice salvo for those of us a little tired of watching the world fall apart, and being forced to smile politely.

it is not civil to discuss things quietly and collegially while people are dying because they can’t afford medicine. It is not civil to speak in even, chuckling sardonicism as one beleaguered wild place after another is paved for profit. It is not civil to calmly raise logical arguments against torture, against kidnapping, against using nuclear weapons on civilians to show our resolve.

and the first comment is, in a word, golden.

In my experience, people with power howl for civility when they have nothing more substantial than their critics’ timidity standing between them and exposure of their foul deeds. This particular bleat is a sign of progress.

via pzmyers.


May 5, 2006

hm, i guess i’ll bite too

Accent: i don’t have a base accent, i tend to pick up the language patterns of the people i’m around immediately… though someone once claimed i have southwestern dipthongs.
Booze: beer, usually of the PBR variety. also whiskey.
Chore I Hate: restocking toiletries. as a result, i buy everything i can in 12-packs. there is a reasonable chance the US will run out of oil before i need to buy irish spring again.
Dog or Cat: dog. a large one, ideally able to eat undergraduates lacking essay-writing skills.
Essential Electronics: My iBook, Wonka. A close second is my iPod, WonkaPod.
Favorite Cologne: i have an unnatural dislike of cologne. makes me sneeze.
Gold or Silver: bleh. neither. i’d take turquoise any day.
Hometown: hm, i was born in albuquerque. but lived in santa fe until i was 14. but i consider myself a montanan, since thats where i really “grew up”.
Insomnia: why yes, i look forward to grad school
Job Title: Financial Strategies and Research Analyist. did i mention i have a degree in philosophy?
Kids: i’d rather not inflict my genetics on the future.
Living arrangements: the washington, dc equivalent of fort knox, with two college friends.
Most admirable traits: when i set my mind to something, i never give up.
Not going to cop to: sometimes, i want to put down the academic books and just read trash. i also occasionally believe in god, and am a bit of a romantic.
Overnight hospital stays: never – i’ve been very very lucky.
Phobias: once upon a time, heights. curiousity over came this during a trip to the grand canyon. since then, not so much.
Quote: changes way too often…
Religion: Dad is Jewish, Mom is Episcopalian. they let us kids choose. My brother dabbled with Wicca, sis went for a couple versions of YoungLife style Christianity. i’ve decided i don’t know enough to decide, and that its hard to salvage the good from the junk.
Siblings: two – see above.
Time I wake up: 6:00 a.m., then i hit snooze on my cell phone once every 5 minutes until 6:30…
Unusual talent or skill: Touching my nose with my tongue.
Vegetable I love: i can’t remember the name, i’ll get back to you on that one.
Worst habit: Procrastination.
X-rays: Teeth. MRI brain scan.
Yummy foods I make: give me a grill, and meat of any kind. sandwitches.
Zodiac sign: cancer.

(via aetiology, via adventures in ethics and science, via writingasjoe.)


May 2, 2006
it has come to my attention that my previous post on patriotism lacked… how do i put this lightly… any semblance of intelligent thought. don’t get me wrong, there were ideas in there. many of them are good ones. but it needs some editing. possibly descartes-style.
this probably goes for a few other entries too.

ahh, spew…

May 2, 2006
today i decided to read the wikipedia post on helen thomas, and a few clicks later made it to this site. i still feel ill from the hated and animostiy it spews. he attacked helen thomas on objectivity? wha…?

but the frontpage says it all – at an immigration rally: “I’m beginning to feel like General Custer now.” its like he satirized himself. then again, anyone that could ride “its a small world” 50 times in a row…