hm, i guess i’ll bite too

Accent: i don’t have a base accent, i tend to pick up the language patterns of the people i’m around immediately… though someone once claimed i have southwestern dipthongs.
Booze: beer, usually of the PBR variety. also whiskey.
Chore I Hate: restocking toiletries. as a result, i buy everything i can in 12-packs. there is a reasonable chance the US will run out of oil before i need to buy irish spring again.
Dog or Cat: dog. a large one, ideally able to eat undergraduates lacking essay-writing skills.
Essential Electronics: My iBook, Wonka. A close second is my iPod, WonkaPod.
Favorite Cologne: i have an unnatural dislike of cologne. makes me sneeze.
Gold or Silver: bleh. neither. i’d take turquoise any day.
Hometown: hm, i was born in albuquerque. but lived in santa fe until i was 14. but i consider myself a montanan, since thats where i really “grew up”.
Insomnia: why yes, i look forward to grad school
Job Title: Financial Strategies and Research Analyist. did i mention i have a degree in philosophy?
Kids: i’d rather not inflict my genetics on the future.
Living arrangements: the washington, dc equivalent of fort knox, with two college friends.
Most admirable traits: when i set my mind to something, i never give up.
Not going to cop to: sometimes, i want to put down the academic books and just read trash. i also occasionally believe in god, and am a bit of a romantic.
Overnight hospital stays: never – i’ve been very very lucky.
Phobias: once upon a time, heights. curiousity over came this during a trip to the grand canyon. since then, not so much.
Quote: changes way too often…
Religion: Dad is Jewish, Mom is Episcopalian. they let us kids choose. My brother dabbled with Wicca, sis went for a couple versions of YoungLife style Christianity. i’ve decided i don’t know enough to decide, and that its hard to salvage the good from the junk.
Siblings: two – see above.
Time I wake up: 6:00 a.m., then i hit snooze on my cell phone once every 5 minutes until 6:30…
Unusual talent or skill: Touching my nose with my tongue.
Vegetable I love: i can’t remember the name, i’ll get back to you on that one.
Worst habit: Procrastination.
X-rays: Teeth. MRI brain scan.
Yummy foods I make: give me a grill, and meat of any kind. sandwitches.
Zodiac sign: cancer.

(via aetiology, via adventures in ethics and science, via writingasjoe.)


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