right wing humor

yesterday i’m in line for x-men III (for the second time) with a republican and a dem. we get to discussing john stewart ripping bill bennett apart on gay marriage. nothing bennet said made any sense – america stands for progress like no other nation has in history (yey), but we should outlaw gay marriage because nobody else has done it (huh?). bennet’s worst argument was the comparison to polygamy. (since the question is really whether these are human relationships or mere fettishes).

so the republican starts arguing this raises the question whether you can marry your parrot. and the gay guy next to us jumps in, thinking this was a joke. sadly, while the argument is laughable, the sentiment is sincere.

so i got to wondering – do they have a sense of humor? to test, are these jokes? check it out.

anchor babies and toddlercide
legal follies

maybe its time to speak only via satire


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