lieberman’s camp

reading through the comments at dailykos (yes, thats how slow today has been), i found this comment

[lieberman is] kind of like a train wreck that you shouldn’t look at but that you stare at anyway. He went from being a decent, honorable senator (even though I disagreed with some of his positions) to someone who so valued “collegiality” that he sacrificed his principles in order to cozy up to the powerful to, now, someone who’s desperately grasping to keep his power. It’s almost Shakespearian.

this touches on why the lamont-lieberman story has such a blogfrenzy around it. lieberman’s story is the story of far too many dc-dems (and repubs). the particular reason is always just a bit different (sen clinton spent a bit too much time thinking about politically smart, and not enough on principles – powell with loyalty, so on). but the powerful in the party lack a principled core. those who can fill that gap [obama] meet with general praise.

i guess the general objection to this is that there aren’t enough liberals to elect a president, so candidates have to be politically savvy. (and spawn a small army of consultants). in CT, of course, nobody can make that claim. the CT senators should be some of the most liberal in the country.


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