data makes me do the happy dance

datamining has an interactive map of the blogosphere. the map layout is a “variant of the force layout approach to graph layout. There certainly is meaning to the location of nodes in the image: proximity indicates a tendancy for mutual citation.” meaning: the map is more than just a pretty face. the place of nodes has actual social meaning.

but this is even more sexy, as a suggestion:

Time stability is an interesting problem. One way to do this is to fix nodes in location (or certain nodes). Alternatively, you could allow nodes to become more lethargic in movement according to how long they have been there. This seems like a good idea. Are you going for some form of animated representation?

dangit, where is my programming computer when i need it!

[update 1]: ok, i heart datamining. this visualization method is pretty darn inspiring, and pretty straightforward to understand (compared to other methods i’ve read)

we start by giving some amount of money to some user (initiator) in LJ network telling him to evenly distribute it among his friends, then his friends are performing the same action among their friends and so on. Obviously, if these guys are the members of some clique it will not take too long until all of them have an equal amount of money (thanks to small-world property), meanwhile only some small part of the initial amount will leave this community. So the amount of money of a particular user defines his thermodynamic distance from the initiator. If we have two initiators – we can plot the figure like the one shown here.

expect more updates as i read through the whole archives this weekend.

[update 2]: don’t run too far through the links. i accidentally made it to ‘linked’, a book that makes me angry. hulk angry


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