israel, updated

the matthew kalman piece, observing that israel’s invasion of lebanon has been planned for some time.

and now – predictably – dershowitz is arguing that civilians killed in lebanon may not be so innocent. frighteningly enough, i heard this same argument on the train to newark last week. (with a subtle twist – by not kicking the terrorists out of their neighborhoods, the civilians were themselves involved in terror. the israeli message is something like “force the terrorists out – or else.”) which is a curious set of standards.

i suppose one of the reasons this scares me – and one of the reasons i can’t tell what israel is doing or how they justify it – is that it isn’t clear who they are fighting. nobody thinks hezbollah will be destroyed – and i still don’t know what bombing beruit has to do with that. apparently the brits see things similarly. of course, my confusion is probably a form of denial, given what juan cole’s take on events.

[update:  look at the photo in the washington post – worse here – moments like this make me wonder about humanity]

[update2:  others are drawing interesting parallels between the logic of the ira, even al qaeda, and dershowitz]

[update3:  genius response to dershowitz – i mean absolutely spot-on]


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