pork or policies?

back home in montana, senator burns appears to be running on the “i bring home pork” platform. looks like he’s stopped letting the little things (like an ideology of small goverment and low taxes) get in the way of his being a senator. as wulfgar notes in the comments,

New airport lights in Butte, new baseball park in Billings, new ice rink in Bozeman, federal hand-outs to the YMCA in Dillon …? It’s just Burns doing what he knows best, trading favors for votes. That’s what he did for Abrahmoff, and now he expects us to follow suit.

what bothers me isn’t just that this drives up the deficit. or that i’ll have to pay that deficit off later. it suggests burns isn’t working on his moral compass, that he isn’t acting on principles. our senators were supposed to come up with broad policies that help the whole country. we’re facing real problems – and the best montana’s republican senator can point to is an ice rink? no offense or anything, but make me one of the 100 most powerful in government, and i’m pretty sure i could do better. what has he been doing for the past 20 years?

its a shame that burns’ wikipedia page lists pork as his primary accomplishment. and time considers this his primary justification as well.

or, as bret put it on leftinthewest

Having solved all of the nations problems Senator Burns has brought a skating rink, baseball field, and lights!!!

oh wow, turns out he can’t even deliver on this last round of pork.

[via leftinthewest]


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