montana pride

i get this stare of wonderment whenever i tell someone i’m from montana. you know, like when aliens disembark from the mothership and everyone is surprised when they are liberals and can speak english. ok, the liberal part is just about montana. though, martians with a respect for JS Mill would be cool.

some of it is exposure. in college, we had more students from both singapore and turkey, so we were a prized minority or something. i twisted it, of course, by convincing a california girl that montana bordered on mexico. (no, it really doesn’t). as a result of our minority status, we created a homeland group. though, the plans for steak meetings never came through.

some of the stereotype is my fault, i suppose. in nyc, i started asking for directions with “hi, i’m from montana, and lost, do you know how to get to…”. and i do get inordinately irate when jerks do jerky things back home, which can’t help our state image.

on a related note, being east, some things continue to baffle me. like v, i was surpised to discover that they charge for WiFi in DC (it is free in virtually every bozeman coffeeshop). i mean, really? or debates about health insurance. our state offers free/low cost insurance to all children. but others can’t afford it? we really aren’t the land that time forgot. sure, we’re more personable and friendly, but that doesn’t make us naieve. just, you know, nice people.

i think this shirt sums it up, and i’ll be the guy in dc wearing one of them. though, at the moment, i’m back in the homeland, wandering up a mountain or the like.


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