i’ll be sitting on K street with a taser

washington lobbying firms are hiring well connected democrats in anticipation that the dems will win at least one house of congress this year.

[camera moves to ‘wrath of khan’ look-over, i drop to knees]


in anticipation of this, i suggest a democracy brigade be deployed to K street and barricade the lobbyists inside.  i mean, i’m happy about the weather signs.  and that my roommate will get that job he wants.  but can’t we quarantine k-street?  de-louse it?  throw the thing into the hellfires that forged it?

this kind of power corrupts.  corporate lobbyists will still pull for terrible bankruptcy laws.  they’ll still oppose a sensible healthcare policy (one that lets doctors be doctors, not file paperwork).  and don’t even think about campaign finance, or strict lobbying rules. 


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