when did i start agreeing with kevin drum?

‘security moms’ are trending toward the democrats, over issues like the iraq war, gasoline prices, and economic anxiety.  overall, the GOP advantage on terrorism has evaporated.  the democrats are percieved as too weak, the republicans too warlike.  but – only 2% of voters cited terrorism as their top issue.

since, according to the washington post, turning terrorism into an extended episode of fear factor is no longer working – what to do?  i tend to agree with kevin drum, the electorate is probably ready for a common-sense approach to fighting terrorism.  one that goes beyond “US angry, US smash!”  focusing on police action, targeted strikes to infrastructure, diplomacy, and intelligence gathering (checking cargo at ports, and so on…).  i’m going to try articulating this with friends/neighbors and see how it goes.

in 2004, the GOP’s noise machine turned kerry’s war record into a weakness by relentlessly attacking.  it is time the Dem’s took the GOP’s only remaining strength – terrorism – and turned it against them.


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