hollow people

  • what i’m looking for in a partner:  warmth, feeling, heart.  compassion.  the sort of person that lights up the world, and makes it a better place… and so on
  • qualities i seek, on this list:  none.

sure.  beauty, education, wealth are all powerful indicators of status.  as is socioeconomic class.  they’re all quite seductive, i suppose.  i have no doubt that to many, these make for a “high quality” partner.  and i’ll confess to my own indulgence in those pursuits.

maybe if i wanted a narcissistic and screwed up relationship that would creep me out and waste my time, sure.

but for a partner?


best of luck to those seeking ‘quality’ in ephemeral beauty and status.  philosophy (except the deranged kind) already figured out that those pursuits lead nowhere.  you don’t have to be a theist to think that the world needs more goodness, and less inhumanity.

[shakes sis is probably right.  most of what appears admirable on a first pass is actually something of a pretense.  she just seems so hollow, it is more tragic than anything.]
[i really need to learn not to stare at train wrecks]


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