wind, sun, montana version

the missoulian calls for racial profiling in airport screening.  the argument itself is pretty damning of the author.  in, short it argues that racial profiling is more effective than x-ray machines or ‘hostile intent’ screens.  why?  xrays miss stuff, and hostile intent is overbroad.  profiling a whole race apparently suffers from neither prblem.  you know, because no white person has ever tried to blow up a plane or anything.  and most muslims definitely hate america.  oh, oops.  (hear that sound?  it is reality crashing in.)

it isn’t nativism if you tap into panic, after all…

there really is no excuse for this hatred.  the missoulian owes a big appology to our state, for feeding fear, and defaming several distinct groups of people.  oh, about that…  what crazy tree did these people fall off of? 

“we are at war with people who are more homogenous than the general U.S. population”

i don’t even understand what that means.  did they hit shift+F7 for the thesaurus and find a smart-sounding word?  egypt, turkey, morocco, pakistan, iran, indeonesia… yeah.  i bet that there is absolutely no variation between those countries.  also.  all muslims.  totally alike.  that shite – sunni division causing all the mess in iraq?  the fact that saddam was a secular leader and al qaeda radical sunni?  apparently, the missoulian has declared it all to be irrelevant.

the article is, in fact, so crazy, that it runs past the actual important point

It will allow us to focus scarce time and resources screening the people who are members of the class that is the most likely threat. (emphasis mine)

so maybe – and i’m going out on a limb here – the solution is to increase the time and resources that go to airport security?  gasp!  a real solution!


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