geek-off, phaser optional

last night at dinner, my friend called me a nerd every 5-10 minutes.  this is not uncommon.  my poor roommates have the same response cycle, generally alongside some comment like “i really don’t care that you’re doing an end of history markov chain as a fukuyama spoof, i just want to watch football”.  my attempt to ‘relate’ to football stats by attempting to aggregate and test ecological inference techniques doesn’t do much better.

all the same, it seems i’m doomed.  i knew i should have spent more time posting about math… nothing hurts more than missing a geek-off.  the challenge was issued a couple days ago.  some basic questions have been outlined at questionable authority.  (the cutoff is 1/3, i hit 12/25… i’m not going to lie, thats a poor showing.)

man, i’m no good at this nerd-off.  79%, and a mid-level nerd.

in my defense, however…

  • sitting outside on a perfectly beautiful day, i noticed black spots on the bottom of the fountain i was sitting by, and decided to calculate the size of the eddies that generated them.  the only thing notable about this event was my disturbing lack of graphing paper at a critical moment.
  • i know more computer programming languages than human ones
  • i played both the star trek and the star wars collectable card games… while maintaining my magic deck.  oh, and if they invented a science collectable card game, i’d be down
  • i’m currently looking up data documenting procedures – largely for fun.

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