wish i had said that #105

“you cum like a girl”

…comedian cathy carson’s signature line in her acts.  you can even buy it on her website.  this, however, has started an intellectual property war of the strangest dimensions (documented in LA weekly).  carson tried to trademark the phrase, but was denied by the Patrick Shanahan, the investigating US attorney…

Citing Section 2 (a) of the Trademark Act, Carlson’s application to register the phrase “You cum like a girl” had been refused on the grounds of being “scandalous” and “vulgar,” with the phrase’s offending verb defined as a “vulgar slang term for ejaculation at the time of orgasm.” Shanahan provided examples of similar rejections and explained why other attempts to register phrases with “cum” passed muster and Carlson’s didn’t. He also suggested why the word “orgasm” might make a suitable PG-13 replacement.

he also apparently emailed photos of women covered in ejaculate as support for the decision.  which, since the phrase has nothing to do with semen… is odd.

at feministing.   at feminist law profs.


One Response to “wish i had said that #105”

  1. issis Says:

    I’d love (as a man) to cum like a girls. Even more if this girl has been blessed with the ability of having multiple orgasms.
    Sometimes one has to look at things from the right perspective.
    Imagine the way pigs do it… 30minutes… I mean, why not registering:
    You cum like a pig.

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