shiver me timbers**

ahoy, me hearties & prepare to be boarded

as outlook my parrot just reminded me, today be international talk like a pirate day.  (you can tell, because i’m putting “be” in sentences where it doesn’t belong).  so remember, today, when answering the telephone, call out with an “avast” or an “ahoy matey” (that, i think, is in the code of the brethren).  swear a blood oath to skewer your boss / lab director / roommate, should they threaten your rum.  why celebrate?

  1. pirates are, and always will be, better than ninjas
  2. what’s a pirate’s favorite russian city?  YAR!-oslavl!
  3. laptops are benches God gave us fer wenches (song)
  4. johnny depp


* really, what does this mean?


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