reality vs the dinosaurs

Thoughtful Conservative: sad is that 42% of americans think the president intervened to lower gas prices before the nov. elections, and that 65% of those people were democrats
me: this from the kid that thinks we found wmd in iraq?
Thoughtful Conservative: this from the kid who has seen credible articles showing that decayed biological weapon residue inside weapons
me: you do realize that decayed means no longer working, right?
like, depleted shells aren’t exactly going to cause mass destruction?
Thoughtful Conservative: yes, this i know, they are not themselves wmd´s but the decayed remains of them.  sorta like, we find dinosaur bones and go, these must have lived here at some point in the past
me: yeah, but you wouldn’t say there were dinosaurs in iraq, either
Thoughtful Conservative: that there had been dinosaurs and since we knew how many dinos we sold them and how many were used.  we did math and found there were some unaccounted for
me: so, when we invaded iraq, did we go to war, because dinosaurs were there?
about to go Jurassic Park on us?
Thoughtful Conservative: that have been found to date, no.   we did because they were unaccounted for, and who knows where they are nowfinding decayed remains has shown that there were dinosaurs once in iraq
me: but 65 million years ago isn’t exactly an imminent threat
Thoughtful Conservative: i agree, the time span is the achilles heel
me: yes, after you put the heel through a woodchipper
Thoughtful Conservative: only a flesh wound

[update:  NeoCon objected to being called NeoCon, got upgraded to Thoughtful Conservative.  i still say, anyone that likes Leo Strauss…]


3 Responses to “reality vs the dinosaurs”

  1. CU PAN Says:

    look at. (5) Shaastra clumsy; awkward (5)

  2. Thamesportal Says:

    home-cured tobacco, straight from the field. (5) Zalecenia wild, disorderly, like a let-go beast. (5)

  3. Sorry Says:

    Hey, My sincere apologies to all those whom I spammed. Wont do it in future. This is the last spam.

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