polls of iraq

i don’t trust polls, but all-too-frequently, iraq war supporters use them to justify their position.  the other day, i was told that 6 in 10 iraqis continue to support the overthrow of sadam (side note – what are the other 4 in 10 thinking).  surprisingly enough, the conservative forgot to mention a few other items in the poll:

  • About six in 10 Iraqis say they approve of attacks on U.S.-led forces
  • Almost four in five Iraqis say the U.S. military force in Iraq provokes more violence than it prevents.
  • 79 percent of Iraqis say that the US is having a negative influence on the situation in Iraq
  • 94% have an unfavorable view of al Qaeda, with 82 percent expressing a very unfavorable view

but – thats from PIPA.  the state department did its own poll and…

  • two-thirds of Iraqis in Baghdad favor an immediate withdrawal of U.S. forces

woo-hoo.  yeah, that makes me feel wonderful


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