burns-tester debate

 watching the debate on c-span.  hilarity itself.

question 1:  pork.  i have a great deal of respect for libertarians, but did the stan jones just say montana should pay to maintain all the highways?  does he have any idea how much that would cost the state?

question 2:  energy.  did conrad burns just endorse schweitzer’s energy policy?

question 3:  education and montana.  too bad they can’t give real answers.  nice that burns implies tester created the debt, as compared to years of republican stewardship we’re having to fix.

question 4:  impeaching bush?  haha, the libertarian just clapped for impeaching president bush.  na-na.  congrats on becoming my #2 choice for president.  i’m glad that tester calls for more accountability, goodness we need that here in dc.

burns:  “you have not given up one freedom under this patriot act that you have not before, unless you’re a terrorist,… or a suspected terrorist,… or affiliated with the mafia,… or drug kingpins”.  or, you know, breathing.

queston 5:  debt.  burns notes that we didn’t ask for a number of events that have swelled our debt.  conveniently neglects iraq.  tester – get rid of no bid contracts, in iraq, in medicare

question 6:  greenhouse gasses.  burns “we’ve been warming since the ice age”.  !?!  tester – we need to solve this carbon issue, msu has a role.  this requires communication, internationally (north korea indicates breakdown), and leadership.  stellar answer.

seriously – stan, conrad… global warming isn’t a political issue.  its scientific fact.

question 7.  executive authority.  tester – fight the war on terror with resources (intel) and not by sacrificing our liberties.  burns – the meth control act is part of the patriot act [is it just me, or could we save that part of it?]

summary comments. 

stan jones.  “i risk sound like a conspiracy theorist, but” … “the secret organizations of the power elite are no longer secret”… sorry, i started rolling on the ground.  i need to get a transcript.  something about our currency being the “amero” and world communism.

conrad burns. . . . taxes.   says taxation got more “progressive” under bush II, because 84% of tax share is by the rich, compared to 82%… more on this later

jon tester.  we need leadership in washington.  the legislative branch needs to do its job, and hold the executive branch accountable, no matter who is in charge.  otherwise – disasters (healthcare, war on terror, …) happen.  nice close. 

(also covered at leftinthewest)

side note:  guys, stop interrupting tester with applause.  we all love him, but i want to know more about what he thinks.


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