win $1mm for being a geek

as noted on data mining, netflix has announced a challenge to improve their movie recommendation system by at least 10%, with a $1mm award.  (which makes solid economic sense for them, as noted at the long tail.

at least as of dec 2002, there is one way to make an improvement:

while Netflix stocks Paramount movies, it doesn’t promote them in any way. No matter how many Mel Gibson romantic comedies you rate highly, What Women Want will never be recommended to you. The Netflix effect? What Women Want was the second-most rented film of 2001 overall but didn’t even make the top 100 on Netflix.

allow me to lament for a moment that facebook’s database isn’t public.  man, what i could do without these silly restrictions.

while browsing i ran into theory-edge, which features an extremely cool list of links… including one that led me to simpson’s paradox.


3 Responses to “win $1mm for being a geek”

  1. aa Says:

    hello evil world

  2. bb Says:

    fuck you in your ass!

  3. hey Says:

    u know what!?! u r idiot!!!

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