And yet you can claim that you and you alone can protect us from terrorism?

olbermann’s comment on gop fearmongering.  (found on litbrit’s site… as was this title).  go, relax, watch it. 

notable quotes?

  • There is a cheap Texas Chainsaw Massacre quality to the whole thing…
  • You have adopted bin Laden and Zawahiri as spokesmen for the Republican National Committee.
  •  to forgive you for terrorizing us, we would have to believe that you somehow competent in keeping others from terrorizing us.  Yet last week, construction workers repairing a subway line in New York City were cleaning out an abandoned manhole on the edge of the WTC site, when they stumbled on the horrific and impossible: human remains from 9/11.

i could go on for a while, just watch it.

(oh, and thank you, MSNBC, for creating programming i’ll actually watch)


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