tucker carlson, speaking on the michael j fox stem cell research ad:

It’s a form of moral blackmail. No matter where you stand on stem cell research, I look at this ad and say I can’t disagree with Michael J. Fox. Because his illness is so sad it pulls on me emotionally so much that it feels immoral to me to disagree with him. And I think its unfair of you to run this ad for that reason…

…This is not a conversation about Michael J. Fox, his celebrity or his disease. It’s a question about stem cell research and whether its moral or immoral. [video+quote here]

in most places, we’d call that proof. if an argument convinces you that you’re wrong, you’re just wrong. thats it. (the strange feeling tucker carlson is now experiencing is called ‘thought’. yeah, it hurts, get used to it)

update: i’m not saying this is my ideal form of political debate. but – when does emotional persuasion become a check on rational proof? if reasoning leads to a conclusion wholly at odd with my values (ie, killing people is kosher) – that emotion serves as a valuable check. my reasoning – imperfect. and it can use all the help it can get. so, if you can’t disagree, maybe its because the other view is right.

those who oppose stem cell research have let their biases run amok. they’re sorely in need of some guidance. if an emotional appeal is the way to do that, so be it.

update2: amen:

What makes them mad is that you’re making a good argument they can’t trump with noise and bullshit and lies


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