friday random 10

t minus 9 workdays until i return to montana… so a sampling of my ipod music for the x-country road tour seems appropriate.

  1. Never Enough – Eminem. wait a second, i have eminem on this ipod?  other than mosh, that is?  time to clean this thing up, lest i have to hit forward to move past
  2. I Would Walk 500 Miles – Me First and the Gimme Gimmes.  all time favorite punk cover band.  “and if i haver… whatever that means”  priceless.  to equivocate, to vascilate, btw.
  3. Kill A Kitten – Stephen Lynch.  i still laugh out loud whenever i hear this song.  satire and comdy in lyric form.  “if ye loveth jesus ye must kill a kitten”.  i love everything he does.  (haha, friday cat blogging!)
  4. Djobi djoba – Gypsy Kings.  calming me down (you’ll remember them from hotel california on the big lebowski movie)
  5. The Pointless, Yet Poignant, Crisis of a Co-Ed – Dar Williams.  priceless dar, the whole album is worth listening to.
  6. Almost Crimes – Broken Social Scene.  there really is no accounting for where this list is going.
  7. Alternative Girlfriend – Barenaked Ladies.  two places after dar?  my ipod mocks itself.  total filler track on a CD, but fun listening all the same.
  8. Take Back – Green Day.  i heart nimrod.
  9. All My Life – Kici and Jojo.  i’ve been told thats spelled wrong.  but no bother.  one of the best songs about romance ever.  (i’m a cheezy sap, so shoot me). 
  10. I Don’t Want Her Around – NOFX.  all time fav punk band, knew they would come up sooner or later

One Response to “friday random 10”

  1. trude Says:

    ian this comment is totally irrelevant to your post but where are you? i need you to do like my mom did with va (where she’s from) and go through the pcts list to see where they havent reported where we can gain/lose so i can go to bed.

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