this really shouldn’t shock me

the whitehouse coup

a gang of super-wealthy businessmen plotted to overthrow FDR with half a million veterans and “adopt the policies of Hitler and Mussolini to beat the great depression”. (more on wikipedia – under “the business plot” – it even appeared in History Today, an american coup d’etat)

… i’d only recently heard about the assasination attempt by Giuseppe Zangara, who got Anton Cermak instead. (talk about an interesting counterfactual history, if he’d shot FDR instead)

imagine if they taught this in schools. it gives a completely different gloss on the nature of our government, and the dangers it is exposed to. i imagine support for bush’s overreach and the bogus “money = speech” argument would have have dramatically less support.

(horray mercury rising)
(oh wow, you can even see it on video)


One Response to “this really shouldn’t shock me”

  1. jonnysoundsketch2 Says:

    yeah, wouldn’t it be nice if the actually taught history for once instead of a homogenized version of it tailored to fit their specific political bias. Slant always plays a key role in presentation…*sigh*

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