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And yet you can claim that you and you alone can protect us from terrorism?

October 27, 2006

olbermann’s comment on gop fearmongering.  (found on litbrit’s site… as was this title).  go, relax, watch it. 

notable quotes?

  • There is a cheap Texas Chainsaw Massacre quality to the whole thing…
  • You have adopted bin Laden and Zawahiri as spokesmen for the Republican National Committee.
  •  to forgive you for terrorizing us, we would have to believe that you somehow competent in keeping others from terrorizing us.  Yet last week, construction workers repairing a subway line in New York City were cleaning out an abandoned manhole on the edge of the WTC site, when they stumbled on the horrific and impossible: human remains from 9/11.

i could go on for a while, just watch it.

(oh, and thank you, MSNBC, for creating programming i’ll actually watch)


can’t they do anything right?

September 23, 2006

From the NYTimes

A stark assessment of terrorism trends by American intelligence agencies has found that the American invasion and occupation of Iraq has helped spawn a new generation of Islamic radicalism and that the overall terrorist threat has grown since the Sept. 11 attacks.

yes, they’re quoting from the most authoritative intelligence report

for a culture that gets bored during 30 second ads…

September 18, 2006

via that series of endless links we call the internet… this stood out (from rox populi):

When the war in Iraq passes Nov. 27, this conflict will have lasted one day longer than World War II — that fact alone is about enough to snap the psyche.

i must be a cynic, somehow i doubt this will change minds


September 12, 2006

why is it that the two cities directly impacted by 9-11 are some of the most liberal places in the nation, but dick cheney and the republicans are making a strategy of arguing that republicans are the only way to safety?

ugh.  fox news makes my stomache swirl.

the north wind and the sun

August 21, 2006

alternate titles here

say again?

if i had my way no arab would board a plane without undergoing a full luggage search and extensive searches of their persons… it causes only minor inconveniences to those involved while providing greater security to everyone else involved.  its a win win as far as i am concerned

and later on in our conversation…

it deprives them of nothing, and if they feel shame at being so treated i think that they should feel even more shame that there exists a rational basis for it

clearly, my friend is a racist jerk… but that isn’t the point. he also apparently no longer believes in the individual or the principles of our justice system… but that isn’t the point either. (both should be obvious.) my concern is that his being racist is threatening my life, and prolonging what should have been an easy war.

racial profiling makes america unsafe. in case that isn’t clear, let me start with the ideal.


when did i start agreeing with kevin drum?

August 18, 2006

‘security moms’ are trending toward the democrats, over issues like the iraq war, gasoline prices, and economic anxiety.  overall, the GOP advantage on terrorism has evaporated.  the democrats are percieved as too weak, the republicans too warlike.  but – only 2% of voters cited terrorism as their top issue.

since, according to the washington post, turning terrorism into an extended episode of fear factor is no longer working – what to do?  i tend to agree with kevin drum, the electorate is probably ready for a common-sense approach to fighting terrorism.  one that goes beyond “US angry, US smash!”  focusing on police action, targeted strikes to infrastructure, diplomacy, and intelligence gathering (checking cargo at ports, and so on…).  i’m going to try articulating this with friends/neighbors and see how it goes.

in 2004, the GOP’s noise machine turned kerry’s war record into a weakness by relentlessly attacking.  it is time the Dem’s took the GOP’s only remaining strength – terrorism – and turned it against them.